*15+ year actual performance history * 16.74% CAR * Max losing year of only 1%*

10-year track record: 18.28% annualized rate of return through 12/31/2016

 Beat every mutual fund, ETF and worldwide market index as tracked by Steele System's database 

 Results shown here are gross of advisory fees from inception on June 1, 2002 - November 30, 2017

Select performance tab above for both gross and net of fees performance and full disclosure.

Press Release: Read about EVO's 1st place finish in the 2017 NAAIM Shark Tank strategy competition


Potomac Advisors is a family-owned and run business. Rich Paul has over 38 years of experience in dynamic asset allocation using mutual funds.


Market Timing Works Where it Matters Most...

​in the REAL WORLD!!

                     At Potomac Advisors, our goals are to:


  1.   Evaluate market risk & proactively manage money to limit losses to less than 50% of the stock market declines.
  2. Consistently provide absolute returns. 
  3. Grow capital better than a buy and hold strategy,  using the GIPS verified and proven strategy of: 


   The Evolutionary Market Timing System

        ​                              "a posse ad esse"

We license EVO to other advisors and work directly with individual investors, companies and institutions. 

EVO results are calculated from actual investments made since

June 1, 2002, and are GIPS compliant. 

For over 15 years EVO has doubled the S&P 500 total return after maximum fees with half the risk.




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