EVO  2

Discretionary Composite

After 20 months from inception, the EVO RYDEX 1 strategy produced a gain of 36% versus 10% for the S&P 500. Given the success of EVO, another strategy was born using EVO with the opening of a substantially larger account designated EVO RYDEX 2.  This account generally uses the EVO buy and sell signals, but occasionally discretion is used to either change the allocations of the portfolio, or in overriding or altering the buy and sell signals.  Such decisions are based on using technical analysis that is subjective and cannot be quantified by numerical algorithms. 

This account was also verified to be in compliance with GIPS.  The independent verifier’s report in the two tables below shows the results of the examination of the EVO Rydex 1 & 2 composites. The opinion letter states that the presentations of the performance of the composites by Potomac Advisors have been prepared and presented, in all material respects, in compliance with GIPS standards.



Non-Discretionary Composite

There is nothing hypothetical about EVO's results. They have been verified to be in compliance with GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) since the time of inception of the original EVO Rydex 1 account on May 31, 2002 through June 2014, the time of the latest verification.